Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Damien - Jahiliah

This is considered to be among the decent release from Malaysian bands throughout the existence of our local scene. Although DAMIEN appearance to the scene is somehow quite anonymous, the people behind it surely has got a firm background within the metal circuit. DAMIEN could be considered as Malaysian own allstar band consisting peoples from BRAINDEAD, SIL KHANNAZ, VOCIFERATION ETERNITY & NECROTIC CHAOS. I have seen them playing their one time show ever in 2005, and it kicked ass! DAMIEN is for those who dig MORBID ANGEL, RAEBELLIUN or old KRISIUN. Originally it was released as tape EP from Nebiula Prod. In 2002, but later on it was repressed as limited edition mcd by a Japanese label.

01. Thou Of The Countless Name (Intro)
02. Has Aakhu Khan She An Asbiu!
03. The Ancient Hymn
04. Blood Of The Impure
05. Sill In Anna
06. The Gates Of Zual (Outro)

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