Saturday, March 26, 2011

Narsamum - Dream Of Death

Malaysian Occult Death Band From Johor. I've been waiting to hear something from this band since their demo 1994. I didn't have the chance to hear it but after reading few interview, I get a bit of info about them. Later in 1997, there's been a plan to release a split tape with Thailand's Heretic Angel but due to problems on the Thai's side, the plan are cancelled. The price is not the usual price for cassette EP, a bit expensive for me. I expect something killer from them. I guess there are tracks re-recorded from their old demo like "Blasphemy..." (also the title of their demo) for example. The music is death metal, melodic at times and has a bit of greek (Rotting Christ) riffs. The songs are not bad but doesn't have the extra energy for me to keep on listening.

Blasphemy... Revenge... Reincarnation (4:21)
Kematian (3:35)
Dream Of Death (4:18)
Gelora Sang Durjana (5:01)

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